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Vision & Spritual Creation / Episode 17

Choice + Consequence = Happiness. But only if you're doing it right. Today Doug Vermeer tackles the subjects of vision and spiritual creation, and how they allow you to see (and recognize) what you need and enlist help from others. We don't accomplish things on our...

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PPM 16 – The Principle of Stewardship

Today's Personal Power Mastery is focused on the principle of stewardship. The better you are at taking care of your own things leads to people giving you more. In fact, a lot of what we do can be accomplished in a much smaller time frame than we currently give it....

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PPM 13 – Why Do People Truly Change?

Today's Personal Power Mastery topic is one that probably every person in the world either is dealing with or will have to deal with in their life: change. Many people think of change as something that's done when there's a big "wake up call". Well, Doug Vermeeren is...

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PPM 12 – How to Properly Compare Yourself

Today's Personal Power Mastery is more about measurement that was discussed in last week's episode. Today is about properly comparing yourself, and the dangers of comparing yourself to the best of the best all the time. It's critical to remember that you're not...

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