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PPM 7 – It’s Time to Sacrifice Your Ego

The #1 thing you need to sacrifice to improve all 5 pillars in your life is ego. In today's episode, Douglas Vermeeren explains how ego can hold you back in each pillar, and what sacrificing it can lead to if you let it. You can't play at a low level and expect high...

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PPM 6 – The 5 Pillars

Today's Personal Power Mastery features an introduction to Doug's 5 Pillars. These are the pillars that you need to have in your life in order to truly reach your potential. The 5 are: Self, Spirituality, Health, Relationships, and Abundance. The order you try and...

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PPM 4 – How to Beat Procrastination

In today's episode, Doug Vermeeren takes a look into something we're all guilty of: procrastination. He looks at the essence of procrastination and why it's important to set boundaries about what you will and won't procrastinate about. We all need to remember...

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