Welcome to the Personal Power Mastery Show with Doug Vermeeren. In today’s episode, Doug guides you through the origins of his education of personal betterment, including where he started and what gift was given to him that truly opened his eyes to the practice. There are some important things to know as you travel into the world of personal betterment, one of them is simple “if you own it, you can change it”, another is that you can’t settle for just what comes along. So welcome to the Personal Power Mastery journey, we’re glad you’re here.

Key Takeaways:

[2:32] How the Personal Power Mastery program came into being and why it’s different

[6:29] The two books a friend gave Doug that introduced him to personal development & his AH HA! moments that ensued

[9:29] People try to prove themselves to other people so much that they lose their authentic self

[13:45] A lot of working smarter has to do with who you surround yourself with and what you allow to influence you

[17:43] Don’t settle for just what comes along. Your life will rise to the level that you determine is acceptable


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